1615 Adore Her!


I like how Carol is Jo’s friend now. Jo isn’t a afraid of her now. I think being friends is good for both of them.

I found my box for starcraft 2 today and used it to get back into my locked battlenet account. I then used my old starcraft cd to unlock those games so I could play them on my surface. (hopefully) But after a 2 hour download for the installer it didn’t recognize the key code I had just used to unlock the game… FUCK. It wants a 26 number code, but my gamer only has 16 or so. It’s valid, but apparently not valid enough. I don’t know where my expansion cd is for starcraft, but maybe it has the right kind of code on it. Who knows. Either way if it doesn’t work, or I cant find it, I’ll end up having to deal with customer service, which I loathe. there’s nothing for it though, but this is why I don’t like PC gaming. Or how PC style gaming has infected console gaming. You’re always connected to the company now. Of course I understand why, but I still don’t like it.
The weird thing is that my game cases aren’t with each other anymore. I have no idea why they would be in different places now. I used to keep them in the same place, but now they somehow got separated. I also have my Warcraft 3 frozen throne but not the Warcraft 3 disc. I mean what was I doing with the damn things? What’s really funny is when I do find them, they probably won’t even work. That will be the biggest joke.

Update: Found the code and installed the game, but it instantly overheated my cpu so I can’t play it on the surface. At least not without doing something to keep it from overheating. It’s really surprising though. I mean it can ruin manga studio and a bunch of stuff at the same time just fine. It onl;y has problems with tumblr and starcraft that I know of.

I like starcraft 2 except that you can’t just play around in it anymore. all the modes where you can just sandbox it are gone because now you have to be serious about blizzard games, because it’s a fucking e-sport. I think I finished the story mode, but cant remember for sure. I had such a mediocre time I didn’t buy the expansion..s? It seemed like the experience wasn’t going to get any better. Also I don’t really like playing as the protoss or… swarm? hive? Whatever they fuck they’re called.