1614 Uncle Thorny.


America has been at war with something, or someone, since I was a teenager. There was a brief time of limited conflict before that time that I can remember. I remember being afraid when they came on television to tell us we were at war. Now it’s just how it is. I used to worry that Jo’s father being killed in combat might eventually seem silly, but now I realize how naïve it was to think that. Conflict is, in my estimation, eternal. Ther will always be humans who want what someone else has and will be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. The united States is incredibly lucky as far as conflicts on our soil goes. Anyway Jolene’s sad backstory is secure.

Do you guys do anything with that Miitomo app? It just had a big update. You can use it to talk to me directly in a way that I find enjoyable. I think if we’re friends on twitter you can add me. Honestly I can’t remember. In any case I’m sure you guys can figure it out if you want to. They’re trying to monetize it but you can still do th main stuff for free as far as I can tell. Add me if you have a question or whatever. I may not get to you quickly because I don’t like distraction while I work, but when I have a free moment i’ll check. You get points for discounts in the Nintendo store so I use it for that.

They also updated Animal Crossing to have amiibo support and daily quests along with a lot of other things that basically came as close to perfecting it as they can get, in my opinion. I’m still collecting the amiibo cards, but it’s way harder since I live out in the armpit of America. Here’s my card list if you want to trade. I try to do as much trading as possible to keep the cost down, especially since after market sellers are getting mercenary about the cards now. I really need Ankha because she’s my favorite, after that I have nearly all of the ones I like best. It’s just filling in the empty spots.

Apparently you can sell your town in game for money to start a new one, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve worked for so long trying to perfect my town I want to keep it going. Although perfection is kind of a nebulous goal… In any case it’s nice to have little goals in the game that give you currency for the new stuff that’s been added. Finally being able to choose your villagers is the best. unfortunately there are more villagers I like than spots in town… Can’t have everything I guess.