1589 Mommy Dearest.


I’m pretty sure there are earlier times when Nina’s accident comes up, but this is the one I always remember. It’s actually some of my favorite times in the archive. Well worth reading again if you need a refresher. I foolishly started reading past the point I remembered and sat here for an hour remembering why I’m in love with these characters. Also looking at some of the comments and thinking about how some types of commenters seem to have the same voice. I wonder if they are the same people or just have similar mindsets.

The other day I got a list of all the parts you need to make the haunted house Lego set I want. Then I looked in my containers to see what I already had. They aren’t completely sorted, so I can’t be sure exactly, but I have a lot of the grist bits that make up the base of the structure. Also almost all of the fiddly tiny bits, like single studs, that you always get extra of in other sets. They aren’t in the right colors, but they are in colors that work as far as making a dilapidated house is concerned. Unfortunately I don’t have enough parts to complete the thing, and some of the parts seem to be discontinued, but I think I can get around that in various ways. Some of the parts aren’t listed on the lego site, but I know they still make them. The Scooby Doo mystery castle set has several of the parts in different colors, I just don’t know the numbers. Once I find out what they are I can look them up properly. Either my list has typos, or lego changed part numbering at some point. Some colors aren’t available anymore, but here are similar colors you can buy in bulk. The pricing is pretty reasonable. I did a rough estimate and you could buy all new parts for a little more than what the set originally sold for, minus the figures. It would be at least $300 dollars cheaper than buying the actual set. Plus, I already have a lot of the parts, as I said, so even less really. I took what I had handy just to see how far I could get with what I already own. I was able to make part of the bottom floor. Honestly it looks like an abandoned structure. I had to make substitutions even with the parts I have to get as far as I did, so it looks… bad. Some of my bricks are so old the colors don’t match, or they are badly discolored. Which actually kind of works.
Seeing the floor space in reality makes it seem much smaller than how it looked in my head. I’ve noticed that things often seem bigger in my memories, even stuff I own that are new. I got out my one ghost minifigure, which I haven’t looked at in a few months, and was surprised by how small it seemed. I have lego figures around pretty much constantly, but for some reason I remembered it as larger. Isn’t that weird? Anyway the finished house is, like, 2 and a half or 3 stories tall. The biggest problem I can see right now is roof tiles. The main roof parts are discontinued as far as I can tell. It seems insane, but I couldn’t get Lego’s site to even show me modern alternatives to the parts. Maybe it was just a glitch. If not then I don’t have nearly enough tiles to make the roof work. I have 5 or 6 of the actual main part, but that’s it, and a few in off colors. I think it takes 56 of them though, so that would be a real problem if I can’t find a way to get them. I did all of this in the span of about 2 hours, so my research is preliminary at best. It’s possible that the part in question is actually easy to get and I just couldn’t get the listing to work.
I’m working out a whole little yard and fence addition to the house, in my mind, as well. I’ve got a large baseplate that I can sit it on and it would look really cool if I fenced it all off and put some old looking tree parts around. Like a full abandoned house. It would be really cool to finish it before haloween, but I don’t think I’ll be able to. Even with the parts I have it will take some time to get all the other ones. Maybe by next year I’ll have it all gathered up and can show it off. I’d like to further modify the design so it looks less empty than the original set. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted because I know you’re all super interested in my insane Lego project.
You know… I think that roof part appears in one of the Jurassic world sets in a medium gray… I must have the wrong part number for them. They must still be using them. I feel like the Disney castle would use that part too. I must just not have the right information…