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You guys remember how I was sick with flu like symptoms for several days? And I wasn’t sure how I could have gotten it? It might have been a spider bite, or something. I found a patch of necrotized skin on the underside of my right arm. It looked very much like a possible bite I got years ago. There is a crater of scabbed flesh there now which follows the same patterns. It was probably a common spider. Not venomous, but a bite from a harmless hunting spider can still make you sick. It’s possible that it was venomous too, but the reaction site was small enough I’m not sure. It may also just be coincidental. That said there is fairly strong circumstantial evidence. I probably rolled on to it in my sleep and it bit me out of fear.

To any of you waiting for Patreon sketches, your continued patience is appreciated. I’ve still working through them. There were enough new people last month that it set me back quite a bit with the several days of barfing and whatnot. I have sent out several, so be sure to check your spam folders if you didn’t okay my address in your contacts.

Several of you suggested vasaline, or vicks for the toenail thing. That was actually the first thing I tried, but it simply isn’t enough to kill what I have. I used it for several weeks but it just can’t get the killing blow in. Neither can the stuff I bought specifically made for it. Whatever this stuff is it’s tough.

I feel like I should make not of the fact that Gene Wilder passed away a day or so ago. He was always a staple my family because my father loved his work. I must have seen Silver Streak a few hundred times in passing because Dad constantly had it on TV for a while. As many times as I’ve seen it I’ll still get caught up in it because Wilder and Pryor are so compelling as a team. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all his films at least once. I was never a big fan of Young Frankenstein, but the moments when he is on screen are some of the best in spite of the fact that I don’t find the movie itself very compelling.

Honestly, I didn’t shed a tear when I found out he had passed. I’d seen interviews with him as the alzheimers had begun to progress and it wasn’t good. That’s a terrible way to go, and he deserved better, but it is what it is. He’s beyond that now. Wilder is an integral part of some of the most important films of all time. He won’t soon be forgotten, but he is already missed.