1565 Why Is There A Picture Of A Burger On The Wall?


I will say that Rulette is still a bit young to be a small business owner, but I couldn’t see her being the same age as the main cast. I’ll give you that there are exceptional people who can run a business at a very young age, but they are rare. I’ve know a few people who tried to do have little shops of their own, and it’s insanely difficult. I suspect it’s onl;y gotten worse in the U.S. as we are not very kind to small business owners right now.
It seemed a little better in the early 90s, but that might just be a mistaken observation on my part. By the late 90s it seemed much worse. Getting people to go out of their way to visit your shop is doubly hard in a small town. American consumers are some of the most spoiled asshole in the world. They’ve heard “the customer is always right” for so long it’s practically a religion. It’s a ridiculous statement in modern times because the modern consumer has little to no respect, on average, for the property of others. They’d shit on the floors if restrooms weren’t provided.(Just as an aside, since a few people have commented about people pooping on the floor even when there are restrooms. I once had to hose a restroom down, literally, because apparently a woman had exploded in it. There was an outline of her discarded jacket on the wall. Like a cartoon explosion, except with human excrement.) I have very little respect for the American consumer, since they have so little respect for themselves or others.
My mother didn’t tolerate horseplay when I was little. We were banned from going to the store for a year for acting up once. We were expected to put anything we decided we didn’t want back where we found it, and leave things as we found them, or better. No stealing, obviously, but also we corrected mistakes made by the cashier in our favor. I tease her for it now, but mom is an excellent customer, and I try to be one as well. For many years after working retail I would unconsciously straighten shelves as I browsed. I still do if I get distracted by thought while I’m trying to shop.
I think a person should try to be helpful and courteous until the customer breaks that trust with bad behavior. It’s not your right to be allowed in a shop. They are private businesses. They should be allowed, and gernerally are, allowed to refuse service for breaches of this trust. People need to be taught that their actions have consequences. I’ve got some ideas about that, but we’ll get to them later.

I went to get more water tonight. As the car was sitting there waiting for me to fill my 5 gallon jugs it started belching thick, white, smoke from the tail pipe. Luckily I was able to get home, but clearly the vehicle can’t be trusted. It’s making new, odd, sounds every time I take it out. I wouldn’t chance a trip to the bigger town that’s further away again until after it’s looked over. This could potentially be a big problem. I really need to get my truck repaired to the point that the AC will work. Hopefully this winter I’ll be well enough to fix it myself. I really don’t want to spend a huge amount of money to get it fixed. At minimum it’s gonna be 1000$ if someone else does it. That’s practically a month’s worth of earnings, which I can’t spare. It’s a problem no matter how I slice it.
I lost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks, but I’m still just as affected by heat as I have been, so it’s not enough for me to be okay yet. It’s gonna take at least 50 more before anything really gets better, I think. I could stand to lose another 50 after that too if we’re honest. Anyway, baby steps and crossed finger, I guess.