1560 Tom Petty.


I don’t think Thomas would actually say I told you so if things went wrong. He’d just look at her, and she’d know. That said, I think he does truly trust her judgement. Plus, she has to learn to lead, and he knows that the best way for that to happen is to support her.

I vaguely remember the Chernobyl disaster. At that time, and for most of my life, I was plagued by dreams of nuclear apocalypse. That disaster was just a blip on the radar of that saturated fear. At the time, we got a pretty glossed over view of how bad it was, and how disastrous it might have been. I’ve been looking into it a little more since the episode about it on the Do Go On podcast. It’s chilling, but interesting on many levels. The political reaction, the physical ones, it’s an amazing study for how humans deal with catastrophic fuck ups.
It all might have been avoided if not for one terrible manager too. Anatoli Diatlov, that’s the name, I think. A man who denied any responsibility till the day he died. A colossally arrogant dickhead who shifted blame from himself at every turn. I guess you’d have to if you were personally responsible for the deaths of thousands, and thousands yet to come. He went to prison for 10 years. Not nearly long enough, by my reckoning.
There was very nearly a second explosion. If it hadn’t been stopped it would have rendered most of Europe uninhabitable. The destruction caused by clouds of radioactive dust is practically incalculable. All down to terrible management at nearly every level.
The sarcophagus that contains the reactor will have to be maintained for thousands of years. Imagine how many regimes will rise and fall over the course of that time. There is enough radioactivity in one gram of the substance contained within to kill one hundred million people. It’s just sitting there, festering. Essentially forever.
Having said all that, I still think nuclear power is the most efficient source of energy we have. Modern plants are not like the ridiculously half assed Chernobyl plant and the decaying government that allowed it to be constructed. Someday we’ll master the atom. I hope we keep better care before that time though.