1464 On My Honor.


I fell asleep and forgot to post the comic! I’ll write something in just a second. Happy Thanksgiving if you don’t come back to see it.

The other day on twitter I said that a good test for if I won’t get along with someone is if they like the movie Donny Darko. Here’s the thing, I don’t care if you love Donny Darko. The kind of person I’m talking about is one who will flip the fuck out if you say Donny Darko sucks. In my experience, in the days before the internet was a huge thing, people who liked that movie liked it to the point of being crazy zealots. I love ghostbusters. I know people who think Ghostbusters is balls. They’re wrong, but I don’t try to convince them that they are. Somewtimes people don’t like the same things and that’s okay. When you have a fit over someone not liking the same stuff as you it’s similar in structure to hating someone for their religion. Just let it go.

I don’t know why DD is the poster child for this behavior. There are other movies that have similar fans, but they tend to be more reasonable on average. The list includes, but is not limited to: The Crow, Beetlejuice (Including the cartoon), Nightmare Before Xmas, Invader Zim, and most other Tim Burton films. Ultra teen goth angst. That seems to be the through line. The us versus them thinking of a teenager is the problem. In the case of donny darko AND religious extremism.

Bet you didn’t think I could tie those things up so well. XD