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These two are making up the rules as they go. Or maybe they aren’t following any rules at all. XD It’ll all end in tears, mark my words.

I made a musical course on Mario Maker. It plays the tune from the sound stone, but I had to do 50% of it by ear since I don’t read music and no one had the little letter key that I partially understand. It’s not perfect, but for a first attempt it’s not the worst. Only 5 people played it so far, and only 2 of them gave it a star, which is lame. I’ve had a few designs on Happy Home designer that only got one… unit of measure too. On some of my best ones in my opinion. Very disappointing.

4110-0000-00D3-127E is the music level if you want to try it. I think you can follow people too, but I don’t know how without looking. My best actual level is called Mind The Clocks. I don’t have the number for it but I was really proud of it. You have to solve puzzles to get through and the end branches to a hard path and a easy one if you can figure out how to do it.

Oh, wait. I do have the number for it. 3B86-0000-00B8-C935

My other levels were mostly testing things out until I got all the elements unlocked. They are on a timer so you have to wait no matter what. Its also a bit disappointing that amiibos only unlock 8-bit costumes. They could have stuck the smash sprites in for some in the wiiu skin…

I really think the Amiibo should unlock character gear in Splatoon. They could be just like other clothing, but have a theme for whatever amiibo you use. Basically just a resin like with the deco weapons. I’d even take themed guns, just so I could have a mega buster looking luna blaster. I need to email this to someone…