1409 About Damn Time.


I hate to just point out the stuff about this I want people to notice. I have faith that someone will though.

There were things I was going to talk about tonight, but someone went to the trouble of making me furious earlier today and I’ve completely forgotten them. I really shouldn’t even type about it because my body can’t take the vitriolic rage it stirs in me.

I can’t think of the other stuff though… It was something I wanted to ask. Oh, I remember it now!

Do any of you remember when I made the post about the soundtrack for the comic? I think it got lost in one of the server changes. At any rate it was a list of songs I associate with the various cast members, which I no longer have available.

Since there are a lot more people commenting now than back then I’d like to see if any of you have songs you associate with anyone. Just be aware that anything you post with a link in it will get sent to moderation and I’ll have to okay it manually. It may take a while depending on when I sleep. Just be patient.

I’m going to try and do one song for each cast member real quick:

Thomas – Cake – Sheep Go To Heaven
Carol – Ok Go – Get Over It
Nina – The Birthday Massacre – Kill The Lights
Jolene – Gorillaz – Melancholy Hill
Jessica – Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
Edward – “Weird Al” Yankovic – Dog Eat Dog
John – Mystery Skulls – Money
Reggie – The violin version of Country Roads from Whisper Of The Heart
Mike – Los Straightjackets – Casbah
Wes – Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies
Alexandria – Automatic 7 -Pretty In Pink
Maddison – Hatsune Miku – Leave In Summer
Bridgette – Claude Debussy - Maid With The Flaxen Hair
Evrina – My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay
Neil – Reggie Watts – Fuck Shit Stack
Victoria – Thomas Newman – Drive Away
Ending Theme – Natalie Wattre Band – Reeling
couldn’t find a decent direct link. it’s in the track list. You should buy it if you like it and tell her it was my fault. XD