1404 Ballcano.


On Wednesday I went to the doctor and ended up in the ER. My lower leg had turned pink and the foot had swollen up. On the way to the doctors it started swelling up the leg, not quite reaching my knee. (Those of you who follow the blog will remember the nearly identical incident in January that resulted in my first round of medical bills.) I the office I had to wait around for a long while, in a hot room, and eventually ended up passing out. From there I traveled by ambulance, for the first time in my life, to the ER. Once there I was eventually admitted and put on antibiotics again. The doctor I got was a very good old country doctor, like you see in movies. He is very thorough, so I’ve been tested for pretty much everything in the world. There’s a chance I won’t get out until Monday. Worst case scenario, I will post black and white pages until I can get to a point where I can sit up and work properly. I can ink okay from most angles, but coloring requires me to be sitting up, or have a third hand. I can only sit for a limited period of time. That said, I will probably still try.

A couple of people suggested I do a go fund me to help with the bill. I may do that when I find out the full damage. Those of you who signed up for Patreon to help out, thank you very much. If you’d like to help out in that way the link is, as ever, Nina in the sidebar. I think people wanted the visual aid of a progress chart, so they wanted me to do the other thing so they could see how it was going. Unfortunately I’m not in a mental state that will allow me to set anything new up, since I haven’t slept for more than a few minutes in a couple of days. And honestly, if you want to do Patreon for a dollar you at least can get drawings from me. Either way, if you eventually chose to help out you have my sincere gratitude. Those of you who have already, give me a little more time for the drawing so I can rest just a little, if you don’t mind. I will get to you as fast as I can.

I went ahead and put out the call for guest pages, just in case I absolutely can’t get back up to speed right away. I was in bed for quite a while after I got out of the hospital last time. Anyway, I feel like if I can get some sleep I can catch back up before Monday, even if I have to do the coloring in shifts after I finish the inks. That said, forgive me if things look a little off here and there. I’m having some trouble keeping my hand as steady as I usually do, which is not super steady to begin with.

I’m in very little danger of death, so you don’t need to lose sleep over me.

As far as the page goes… Well, you can imagine what sorts of things these two get up to in their randy moments… Hopefully uour minds can fill in the blanks in fun ways. XD