1382 Dander Up.


I’m all caught up on Game of Thrones now. By the end I was damn good and ready to not watch any more for a while. It’s kind of a rough ride. Much like The Walking Dead. You want to know what happens, but you also have things to do, but the thought of what might happens sticks with you all the time. O_O Anyway, that’s done for now, until whenever the new episode is.

I need to do some stuff, but I’m really tired and hurty. My last doctor bill arrived yesterday. Another thousand fucking dollars. In all seriousness, if anything else goes wrong with my health I’m just going to have to die. I’d rather spend a few fun days with my money than the next decade paying people for my miserable existence. It’s been weeks since that sleep study and no one has contacted me about the breathing thing. Which is fine by me. If the insurance company isn’t going to pay for it I’m not having the damn thing anyway. I need to draw up a will and get everything in order so that if something ever does happen to me there will be the tiniest chance that my legacy will live on, and you guys will get to keep reading the comic.

Nobody in my family has any talent for what I do, and I have no family of my own, so I pretty much have to will the thing to some group who sees value in it as a property. I’ve actually been working on this little plan since the day I went into the hospital originally. This much is certain, writing up papers about what you want to happen after you’re dead really hammers your mortality into your brain. It also throws the pathetic state of my life into stark contrast. Ironically, I am better at writing when I’m unhappy, so the stuff for a couple of weeks from now should start being even better. Actually, let’s not set the bar too high. Maybe it would be safer to say I will maintain and POSSIBLY exceed the level of quality you have come to tolerate over the years. XD

If I didn’t have any other expenses I could actually pay off the newest bill all at once. With my normal ad revenue and the help of my patient and kind patrons I’m very nearly in the black even with the doctor stuff. I mean it’s still the kind of ledger that would make an accountant laugh at me behind my back, but better than I’ve done ever before. So, you know, sunny side and all that.

The teen is speaking to me again. Calling her out on the texting and whatnot made her mad. Although as far as I know she never read the blog post. I’d already talked to her before that point and was in troubler over it as I was telling you guys. Just in case you think I use the blog to passive aggressively talk shit. That is not the case. I try to talk shit directly to the person in question whenever I can. It’s not very Thomas like, but I kind of like people to know exactly where I stand in my old age. I’m also a bit of a douche. Generally problems get solved faster if you just deal with them. Although it usually sucks for a few days. It’s still better than weeks of suffering if you let things get out of hand. I let that happen last month and it didn’t end well.

Really, it was probably better that she hated me while prom was happening so she could focus on that and not be trying to get me to drive her places. I can report at this time that prom wasn’t the Disney princess affair people often hope it will be. Her date texted the entire time.

I’m just going to let that hang there for a minute.

Yeah, but she asked some dudes to dance and got asked too, if I remember correctly, which is more than I ever did. From my perspective it seemed like an okay thing, but that’s just me looking in.

Her next play is Friday. She has a bad feeling about it, and I’m not surprised. Their instructor is one of the least capable people I’ve ever heard tell of. Which is saying something… The Teen also has a lead role and is not feeling confident in her knowledge of the script. All I know is that I’ve been elected videographer. So I get to run the camera while this all goes down.