1368 Hangman.


We can probably assume that Victoria was moved by her brother’s story, but not so much as to want to keep hearing the details of his sex life. Unfortunately for her everyone has bought in at this point. Curiosity may not kill this can, but what it has heard cannot be unheard.

Today has been one of those days where every time I sit down to work someone has some damn issue that I have to deal with right that second. I am starting to exist in a constant state of feeling harried by random bullshit. I’m going to have to set up some rules for scheduled work so I can deal with the unscheduled stuff more efficiently. For example, I think I’m going to set aside one day a month to do Patreon drawings for people. Doing them piecemeal ruins my flow. (Also, if you want me to draw an avatar for you please direct yourself to the link that is Nina on the sidebar. For one dollar of support you too can have a digital drawing from me of your very own.) I hope that the tablet that I may be getting in the future helps alleviate the need for that. Since I could do those drawings anywhere and wouldn’t need to fire up the entire system to complete one.

Time management is key.

I need to set aside time to talk to other people. I always say I’m going to but never make the time. It feels like goofing off when I should be working, but the longer I go without outside voices the more blank my head becomes. Well, not blank… Emotionless.

I got these new headphones but I think they are too good. I can hear the sound the keyboard makes while I type. Not the clicking of the keys. The electrical change in the computer that touching a key makes. There is a level of sound that it too much for my computer apparently. On my 3DS it’s like a symphony though. There are levels of nuance I have never heard before. Things made to play music on are perfect. things made to do other stuff, not so much. The TV has this constant staticy sound. I feel like a sound expert would know what to do about this stuff but I don’t. There has to be a way to make these headphones sound good on anything. Are any of you guys sound ninjas? I know one of you on my twitter is. How can I fix this stuff?