1313 Purrrgatory.


I’ve had a couple of really odd dreams. Odd in that they are about things that I’m not really concerned about, but still manage to wake me up. The thing about these dreams is they are so unlike what I’m used to they actually scare me more than say, zombies, or nuclear holocaust. The most recent example was me playing checkers, or something, against 50% of Hall & Oates. It was Oates as the opponent and Hall was not around. Here’s the thing though, I was really worried that Hall was somewhere around and I couldn’t see him. I was totally paranoid that Daryl Hall was observing me play this game with John Oates. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT!? I’m not even a fan of Hall & Oates. I mean, I like some of their songs, but I’m don’t have any albums or anything.
I actually remembered the dream because Man Eater came on the radio when I was driving around the other day.

I’m not sure when the next installment of The Wandering King will be along. I may just write a couple of disjointed scenes, because I don’t have the first section fully worked out in my head just yet.

Teen Coronary

meh Tuesday and it snowed but not enough for a snow day which is disappointing. all day I just wanted to go home and lay in bed and drink hot chocolate but not a chance of that. my stomach has been bothering me all week I feel like I’m going to throw up so that’s pleasant (not). I went to my friends house after school today and we went over our lines and I did her hair and makeup which she would like me to do for the play also. I should probably go do my biology homework but id much rather write this then go kill zombies since they clearly aren’t going to kill themselves. I have to take some weird army test tomorrow which I’m not to thrilled about I mean I have nothing against anyone who is or wants to be in the army but its just not my thing so I find it pointless for me to even take it. my play is in one week and I’m absolutely terrified, with my luck ill probably forget my lines and trip off stage. my drama teacher has been a tiny bit more nice lately so that’s good, after we finish the play we get to start choir which I’m a little more excited for because I like singing. I just hope the songs aren’t stupid. I have also been obsessively Christmas shopping online so I don’t have to do it later. even though sad events happened around Christmas I do still love it and I’m excited to see what “Santa” brings me this year, I’m pretty sure Jackie will only get coal! lol I already found his present since he is after all my favorite cousin (shhhhh don’t tell!) I’m really tired today I felt like I’ve barely slept this week, I almost fell asleep in world history and biology today and I love world history! we just finished the section on the romans which was fascinating yet strange and now were moving on to the medieval ages section which I think sounds pretty awesome. I just hope we don’t have to do anymore ridiculous arts and crafts projects, I don’t see why my school is obsessed with them. fingers crossed for no more snow or at least a snow day so I can sleep in anyways its getting late homework then zombie killin time!!! goodnight peeps