1305 Other You.


My preparations did not include speaking with whatever’s going on here. XD

The Teen would like to speak to you all now:

behold I am the awesome teen!!!!! I’m not sure what to say here to you peoples. I’m in my evil cousin (Jackie’s) room bothering him and he gave me power of the key board mwhahah! bow down to the teen… just kidding. I have currently been writing a little novel about my evil cousin, the Ruiner as I like to call him. im not very far yet but eventually I will have Jackie post it for you people to read, I hope you will enjoy it! as Jackie mentioned awhile back I did go to my school homecoming, dateless of course but that’s not the point lol it wasn’t to bad I danced like an idiot because I have no dancing ability. I guess we cant all be awesome artists and have incredible dance moves haha but I wore a super awesome white and gold dress that made me look like a princess which was fun but I stayed princeless which I was okay with because high school guys are mainly jerks. anyways it was a somewhat fun experience. other than that I haven’t done anything to exciting just art projects, homework, bugging Jackie because he needs it and its entertaining and then of course watching the walking dead because walking dead is life now lol. there has yet to be any teen drama lately cant say I’m to sorry about that. I think I shall convince Jackie to play some zombies now later guys have an awesome night #teenlife

There you go. I made her write to you for pestering me while I was trying to write. This is likely the only post she’ll go back and read, so be civil in the comments. Although I don’t think I really need to say that. You guys are about as civil as I am pretty much of the time. XD