1298 A Successor To The Professor.


I got these phone charms of the minish cap Link and the bad guy and hung them on my 3DS. It urns out that they make perfect stabilizers when playing Smash Brothers if you thread them through your fingers. They also match my 3DS, so that’s fun. All the guys are unlocked in my game now, although I mostly play as Nina… I played online late last night and things went well. Very little lag. Once the new wears off maybe the servers will be able to handle the traffic better during the day.

The new Skylanders game is out. This time I’ve had enough. There’s at least 8 new big ones, 8 regular ones, I suspect 8 lightcore ones, 8 traps, and probably 8 mini skylander sets. That’s just the minimum number of figures for there to be one of each type for each element. I know there are at least 3 of each element of the regular guys. I think there’s a chance that this game is the one that breaks the franchise. Unless the gameplay is significantly improved we’re heading for a guitar hero scenario no matter how you look at it. Especially with Disney and Nintendo entering the collectible peripheral market too. I will eventually get the game. But I’m limiting purchases significantly. I don’t know how many remake characters are in the mix, but those are right out. It’s all too much.

The Teen is working on yet another poster. Her school’s strange obsession with posters continues to amaze my family. The ridiculous busywork they vomit onto those kids is insane. So far the only thing that these projects have taught her is that A) you should never rely on anyone else in a group assignment situation, and B) 75% of the people in the world are just a drain on our resources. So… I guess they have managed to teach her the most important lessons you can ever learn. Well played, terrible American school system. Well played.

As far as I go, there’s still a lot I need to get done. Including some writing and some comicing. So I should get back to that.