1244 Capable.


Retail has a habit of grinding down capable people. People can smell capability on you and will seek you out whenever the incapable fail them. Eventually you find yourself carrying everyone, and it begins to wear you down. Sort of like wearing a ring of power. If you get out of retail before becoming Gollum you should count yourself lucky.

I spent the last couple of days thinking it was July. How I managed to skip over a month in my mind is a mystery, but that’s the human mind for you, really. It was a relief to know that it wasn’t going to be July 4th today. It feels like it’s been nonstop holidays around here. I’m ready for some drudgery.

My Animal Crossing town is full of special flowers. Because of this I had been spending more and more time watering them as I bred more hybrids. It finally came to a point where it was out of control. You can enact ordinances that effect how your town behaves. Mine was set to night owl, which makes your city stay up late. Since I tend to play after I’m done with comic stuff it was the best choice. Unfortunately I can’t dedicate so much time to watering virtual flowers, so I told my town to fix it for me. Now flowers don’t wilt and weeds rarely appear. Basically I set the town to autopilot. I can continue my landscaping projects while not feeling like my game has become a job. That feeling has always been my problem with the Harvest Moon series, and is also why I don’t play social media games. There’s a threshold to my ability to care about virtual crops which they tend to exceed. It’s a very fine line though.

The game job problem is something that I’ve seen in other people when it comes to Warcraft. That seems to be what breaks most people of the habit. At least in my experience, and especially when it comes to what I think are called “raids”, or maybe “instances”, I forget the preferred term. At the height of its popularity within my social circle Warcraft dominated the schedule of many of my friends. Eventually they’d get sick of people taking things too seriously and wander away. Of course they seem to wander back from time to time, but such is the nature of addiction, isn’t it? I was somehow able to resist the peer pressure of Warcraft. After my terrible experience with Final Fantast 11 I wasn’t willing to give anything else a chance. This has saved me from several MMORPGs over time. The closest I’ve come to folding was Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. I loved the KOTOR console games, and I’d really like to see what the game is all about, but it’s too dangerous. Sometimes it’s better to keep walking when you see a rabbit hole.

One of my oldest friends has dedicated most of his life to MMORPGs. Of course they started with text based games and have evolved into what they are now. I think Everquest was his first “real” MMORPG, which is where he met his wife. At some point I think an update ruined the world and he moved on to the first Star Wars one. That went on for years. I think Sony owned it… He finally quit that one when they ruined the game’s economy, just prior to its shutdown. At that point he finally fell into the loving arms of Warcraft. Honestly, I’m not sure if he’s still playing. Star Wars was always his first love. I’d be surprised if he hasn’t moved over to, or at least plays concurrently with KOTOR. His username was always something to do with Wedge from Rogue Squadron.

I should probably talk to him sometime… XD