1232 Vast Power.


Honestly, what’s the point of power if you can’t misuse it?

Summer is fast approaching and the Teen is already lobbying for some kind of super happy summer fun time. She still lives in a glorious world of no consequences, where money and time flow like blood from a fallen enemy. Her suggestions have been troubling. The distances she is willing to travel for what, in my opinion, amounts to no payoff are pretty impressive.

In addition to her extensive travel plans she is also tabling plans for construction projects. Included in these are a pool, and a volleyball net. The net is actually doable. It falls within my limited range of funds, time, and skills. The pool does too, but unfortunately there’s no water to be had in this area. Our well has been dry for a while now. In addition to that even if we had well water it might well be toxic. It can’t be consumed, that’s for sure. She has suggested filling the hypothetical pool, by bucket, from the house, but I feel like she doesn’t truly grasp how much water it takes to fill a pool. I don’t fancy the idea of becoming the summer fun time bucket brigade…

Her family was very different from mine. They were, and still in some ways are, concerned above all else with having fun. To the detriment of other aspects of life. Which is not to say that fun is bad, but as with anything moderation is key. That said, I’ve never been much for most types of fun. Which is likely why I will die alone.