1225 Nevah Evah.


Today we had a small Easter gathering. The teen had her brother and sister over. They are both adults, so they couldn’t stay for that long. Easter hasn’t really been a thing in my family for a long time. We colored eggs. I don’t remember the last time we bothered. No… That’s not true. I actually remember the last time my sister and I did. She was at that place where she wanted to do it one last time. As usual I just did what I was told. The teen reminds me of her sometimes. They both get their way no matter what.

We started watching Doctor Who again. I jumped forward to the regeneration from Eccleston to Tennant because he didn’t seem to be enthralling her. Of course the teen can be hard to read sometimes because she often pretends to hate anything I like on principle. Of course I was surprised when she demanded that the old Doctor come back and stated categorically that she would always hate Ten. Also that his face was stupid and he was a dumb poop.

She has warmed to him slightly in following episodes.

She actually picked up on a few things I thought would go over her head, like that Sarah Jane was a previous companion. So there’s hope, I guess.