1202 Blackmail.


Back when I lived in Garden after it would rain thousands of snails would crawl up my apartment door. Only mine. I have no idea why. This is what inspired Thomas’s snail observations though. Snails are neat. As I said in the link to the previous page, they’re like boogers that have their lives in order. I always thought it would be handy if we could find a low cost way to make snail shells for homeless people. So they could carry them around easily and then crawl inside for shelter at night. Those one kind of crabs do a similar thing, but as they grow they get a new shell. Maybe that would be a more analogous model, but I still think the snail styling would look coolest. Really though the spiral point shell would make a nice tent kind of thing. I know youre thinking this is a joke but I think there’s actual merit in the idea. Because the shell is a strong shape and with some light lamination they could stand up to the elements. Some kind of pressed cardboard would make a decent shelter. You’d have to stick some rocks in for wind, but they’d be prettier than just boxes. I also feel like having an animal theme might make the homeless seem less surly.

That was a weird train of thought…

They have these Batman Arkham City figures at the store. The box is labeled specifically “Adult Collector”, which I’m kind of conflicted about. On the one hand I’m glad that Mattel has embraced the neck bearded manchild faction, on the other I’m sad that we are an accepted part of the culture now. On many levels it was right to call us out for our obsession. That said, the world is ever changing. My generation is the first to grow up with video games and many of us have continued playing them into adulthood. Some of my friends have, of course, brought their children into the fold. So a time will come when the idea of adults playing games won’t even be a thing. It’ll just be the way things have always been. It’s like living in a house on the outskirts of town when you’re little, but as the years go by the town grows around you. One day you’re suddenly a part of everything.