1200 Frisky.


I actually got some good suggestions for new podcasts the other day when I asked… or rather stated that I needed new podcasts to listen to. The last time I asked for suggestions I hardly got any. Either more people are giving a shit about me, or more people are into podcasts now. I’d really like it to be the former, but I suspect it’s the latter. X3 I forget all the names, but one was like Weekly… something… Weekly Planet? It was surprisingly entertaining for being what amounts to a couple of kids babbling in that way that only two nerds can. Another was Welcome to Nightvale, which was already a big deal. On the off chance you haven’t heard of it the show is like if A Prairie Home Companion was set in a spooky town. Even though it’s openly morbid it’s actually less depressing than APHC.

Anyway, if you suggested something to me I appreciate it. I was getting sick of Netflix and my old podcasts are getting kind of stale.

I downloaded that Telltale Games The Walking Dead for iPad, since there’s just not enough content out there to keep me satisfied. It is, of course, very well done, and heartbreakingly tragic, constantly. I used to avoid stuff like that, but now it’s like this tug of war between compelling writing and trying to keep a positive attitude about life. I mean, I stopped watching Torchwood and Being Human because I just couldn’t stand the constant casticide. Liking shows like TWD borders on sadism… or masochism. I forget which is which.

The Patreon thing is going better than I expected. My plan is to try and get some kind of portable drawputer, so I can work while babysitting the Teen. She does not like my room, and I can’t really blame her. Her room is better in key areas, like giant TV having, and bed dominance. An extra $100 isn’t going to get me anything in a flash, but it will still speed the saving process along. I saved for 3 years to get my first upgrade. My staying power isn’t in question really. A few people have gone well beyond the dollar I was hoping for as well, so they get a special thanks.

The last couple of pages I’ve been working on have been a real bitch. It’s rare, but every so often I’ll get a couple of pages in a row where the dialog refuses to come together properly. I have the outline, but filling in the blanks isn’t tetrising up. I feel like I might be getting in a hurry to finish this part because I’m ready to focus on other characters again. I really want to stick the landing on this one, but I have edited circles around the last few pages to the point where I feel like I might need to step back for a second and let my thoughts line back up. I was hoping for a sort of dual symmetry for the last bit of this and now I’m not sure it can work out that way…

I suspect I’ll figure it out one way or another though.

The Teen is going for a visit to her sister’s place for 3 days. Maybe that will give me enough space to hammer things out.