1199 Pity Him.


I’ve never been much of a cook. I can make something out of a book, but if you want innovation I am not your man. Much like with painting I’ve never truly been able to wrap my brain around cooking. I can ape the motions, but that’s about it. My father’s mother was much more of a kitchen artist. She just kind of threw things into other things and then it was food. Not a lot of measuring tools. I guess that’s what practice and experience can do for any skill though. From the outside it still looks a bit like magic.

I apparently still have Harvest Moon for the GBC. The instruction book isn’t in the box, but I suspect I still have it hidden away someplace. I think it’s kind of the gem out of the pile of old handheld games I’ve got here. There’s also Spiderman GBC, Lemmings GBC, Blaster Master Enemy Below GBC, Brain Games GBA, Sonic Advance GBA, Super Mario Brothers Deluxe GBC, and Metal Slug Advance GBA. I barely played these when they were new. These were mostly purchases made just to have a new thing before I moved on to something better. I actually really wanted Metal Slug when it came out, but then I realized that I kind of hate Metal Slug games after about one level. Sometimes I forget this and almost buy another, but so far reason has won out. Sonic Advance is kind of a similar thing. I’m compelled to buy old style Sonic games, but they actually kind of suck. The only one I ever really liked was Sonic and Knuckles, but that’s mainly because it made you feel like you were cheating when you played the older games with Knuckles. I actually tried to play that Sonic RPG that came out for the DS a few years ago. Since Bioware had a hand in it I thought it was a safe bet. I was wrong. It was boring and I felt like I wasted my money. Luckily I got it on clearance, so I only wasted a little of it. (I’m pretty sure I still have it if you’re a big time Sonic fan. The game is actually well made, I just found that I don’t care about STH, or his friends, and subsequently couldn’t buy in to the story.) Different strokes and all that.

I’m thinking about getting rid of Disgaea 1 and 2, La Pucille Tactics, and the other one that’s a similar kind of game whose name I forget. The main character puts ghosts into things. I actually really love the DS version of Disgaea. The PSP version of 1 nad 2 are okay 2, but the bottom map screen really improved the play for me. The fact of the matter is that I’m never going to sit down and play these games on a console. Someone should enjoy them though. They are really excellent tactics games with an insane amount of content to play through. I think I still have a guide for LPT too. I really love the art for the series as well. Particularly the protagonist of LPT. If you know what she looks like that shouldn’t be a surprise.

I’ve been “watching” some of those animated Marvel movies on Netflix while I’ve been sorting stuff. It is surprising how mediocre they are. As I’ve said before, DC does animation right, and Marvel does live action right. I guess that’s just how it’s going to be for a while. I mean the stories are good and pretty true to the source material in most cases, but it looks like TV animation for the ones I’ve seen. The Doctor Strange movie managed to do something that is pretty rare. I actually skipped to the end after getting a ways in to it. I just wanted a little closure, but wasn’t willing to subject myself to any more of the movie to get it. It was just boring to me. This coming from someone who generally enjoys tedious activities. I couldn’t stick with it. On the other hand I liked the first Ultimate Avengers movie and Planet Hulk was kind of compelling too. Of all the Marvel movies I watched ultimate Avengers was the only one where I’d actually read the comic too.

Anyway, I’m really tired right now. I think I might be getting a cold. I’m going to sleep for a bit and see if it helps. Hopefully I can wake up in time to tweet the comic link…