1186 Little Things.


If this text is here when you see this page I fell asleep from fixing fence today.

The Teen was in a serial killer documentary mood this evening… So that’s in my head now. We can’t find decent movies on netflix. It seems like their choices have dwindled. Did they lose a contract or something? I was going to subject her to Short Circuit, but nope. We’re watching Masterikkkkkk kk, I kkkkklknhcftihyii bjkbgmnbbbvv of Disguise. (She’s right next to me at the mmnnjjmmoment…)

The Teen begged her brother to come vtiry visit today. We had a nice lunch with him. She forced him to watch Sex Drive while I fixed fence. She’s very demanding, if I’m honest. Anyway, it’s a school night so now it’s time for bed. If Master Of Disguise doesn’t put her to sleep nothing will.