1168 Sort Of.


Dun dun duuuun.

I had a dream the other night that was a full episode of Community. It explained, or rather was, an episode that made a strong case for Annie and Abed becoming a couple. I don’t remember all of it clearly, but it wasn’t just a crazy series of events. It made sense and matched the tone of the show. I’ve never dreamed anything like that. Not that I ever remembered anyway.

I almost wrote it down, but I was too tired to get up. Now I just vaguely remember Abed’s explanation to Annie about why they should be a couple.

This kind of dream would be really handy if it were about my own work, so I could just work in my sleep and write it all down when I woke up. Nocturnal fan fiction doesn’t seem like a better use of time that regular fan fiction to me. Maybe if my characters could slot into those roles a little better…