1111 Willing.


Apparently Dawn chose her mate based on a shared ability to say the wrong groupings of words at the right moment.

I was out getting the water for this week and didn’t get back in time to post the story into the blog, but here is what I managed to get done:

Back at the camp the others were beginning to stir. Alina opened the door wide, allowing the green hued light to penetrate the room. No one looked very pleased with the situation. Herrin seemed to be the least affected having, doubtlessly, been sleeping much of the time he had been trapped. He scuttled over to the supplies and busied himself with helping Alina prepare some food.

In spite of everything they’d experienced Niona woke up smiling, which offset Regalius’s sour mood. He set himself apart from the group, with a little pile of the remains of his violin, and began to tinker. His mumbled curses punctuated with the sounds of whittling.

Twig woke up looking horrified that Julius wasn’t near her, but managed a save once she realized that he was in the room. After that she began warily observing Regalius’s machinations, her observation eventually evolving into wide eyed staring, which he took no obvious notice of.

“Herrin,” Julius began. “Did you do any exploring while you were alone?”

“A little,” He replied. “but it was hard to go far with my injuries, and I don’t know traps. All of the rooms near here are empty as far as I could tell, but I didn’t go in any. I only used this one because I knew it was safe.”

“I’m still not convinced that going forward is the best idea.” Julius offered. Everyone looked at each other. “Do we have enough supplies to make it back?”

Niona poked around in the bags for a moment. “Well, we’ve added two members, but Herrin had most of his party’s supplies… So we can make it back with a couple of days to spare. As long as we’re careful.”

“I don’t intend to order anyone to go forward who thinks it’s a bad idea.” said Alina, “What say you all?” No one spoke for a long while.

“That’s good enough for me then.” Julius broke in. “As long as we’re still prepared.”