514 Forever Owned.


I don’t know how it’s happening, but I keep getting more and more very tiny cuts on the end of my pointer finger on my right hand.  None of the others are getting cut, and they aren’t deep enough to hurt, but it’s weird.  I’m coming into contact with something that’s doing me harm in very tiny increments.  Perhaps I’m being targeted by the world’s smallest, and least skilled, assassin.  Random injuries that have no obvious cause always bother me a little.  It’s like, what was I doing that caused this huge bruise?  I’d think I’d remember something that made a huge mark…  My jaw feels bruised, but there’s no outward sign of damage.  I haven’t been slapped lately, although I probably deserved it at least a few times in recent history.

I’ve got an image stuck in my mind from a dream I didn’t manage to remember.  It keeps flashing into my mind.  It’s the corner of a hallway, with red wallpaper, and ornate paintings.  There’s a little table with curios on it that I have to avoid as I round the corner, but that’s all I can recall.  For whatever reason my brain won’t let it go.