1144 The Mind Killer.


Apart from the hours put in to making another page I spent pretty much the entire day with the teen. For as little actual moving as we did I am strangely tired. We played COD and Borderlands. I added music to her iPod because it all got wiped when I started the process of sorting out the insane, communal, user ID that has been in control of it for god knows how long. We were watching the end of the first season of Community, but I stopped to set up the post for tonight. I’m going to suggest either Arrested Development or 30 Rock for the next series until I get more Community. They are similar enough in tone I think either one will work. 30 Rock is a lot longer and I haven’t seen Arrested Development in a while, so maybe it will win out.

I went ahead and got Pokémon Y, in spite of knowing I don’t have a lot of time for it. It’s neat. I like the upgrades, but it’s still Pokémon under the new paint. So far it’s been the least irritating Pokémon game in recent memory. At least as far as the starting areas go. I chose the grass type, whose name I don’t remember. I think it’s the cutest one, which gives you an insight in to my team building style…

Unlike many Animal Crossing players I have not forsaken my town for Pokémon. I simply allotted a little less time to fossil hunting. Which is why my Pokémon are level ten and I have only gone as far as the first Pokémon center…

Anyway, panel two is a little look at teen Thomas & Dawn. Before anyone calls bullshit on the beard I’m telling you right now that I could grow a full beard at 16 at least, so don’t give me any “he’s too young” bullshit. This panel is probably the most Thomas will ever actually look like me. XD At least like I did at that age.