1136 You Shall Not Pass Go.


I helped the teen make a science poster today and forgot that the page wasn’t loaded, so sorry about that. I’ll write a little more blog post in a bit. I wanted to get the page up first.

Did I ever talk about the ending of Korra book one? It was awesome. Maybe some people had problems with the show, but I was not one. I look forward to more adventures in this universe and hope they take their time. I’d also like to find some of these comic people keep mentioning.

The teen and I can now survive nearly 12 rounds in zombie Call Of Duty. In the farm area. The other ones not so much.

I also got a used copy of Borderlands because apparently you can split screen the entire campaign AND it has RPG elements, which I like. Hopefully I can convince the teen to play. She was not enthralled with Skylanders…