1746 All Out.


I was feeling sick yesterday. Like, I don’t even know what kind of sick, it wasn’t like the flu, or even a cold, but it was enough that I couldn’t function very well at anything. I think it may just be allergies. Or maybe they are just compounding symptons with whatever made me feel bad. In any case it feels like the area between my shoulders is bruised. I think I rolled my stress ball too hard right there trying to make myself loosen up. Although that’s abnormal. It usually doesn’t bother me. Maybe my shoulders were just too tense and it made them hurt. Nothing I usually do helps me relax right now for whatever reason. I just feel wound up like a spring. It’s at times like these I almost wish I was in to drugs. Experiencing every experience in stark contrast is not always the best. I’ve always avoided that kind of thing, but I understand why people would want to dull their senses that way. Consciousness is a double edged sword. I stole the filter from the living room and replaced it with my old one that no longer seems to work very well. Hopefully if I use the big filter I can reduce the level of pollen or whatever in my main space to a degree that will take the edge off my eye and ear problems. Here’s hoping at any rate.