1134 Oh Man.


Things are getting complex for little Jo.

This page was very nearly late because I was set upon by the teen and one of her friends. It was some kind of school fire tonight, which got her blood up. So, filled with malicious humors, she invaded my work space. Mostly in an attempt to find movies she would watch, which is not easy as our tastes deviate after a point. In any even I overcame this adversity.

In other teen related news, I gave her Call of Duty… 2? For her birthday. Maybe Black Ops 2? I don’t know the COD games. They’ve never been my thing. That said, she has recruited me to play multiplayer a few times already, and there is a zombie mode that we have failed at several times. In all honesty we failed every time, but the goal is to fail after a longer time each time. In that aspect we have also failed…

Anyway, I was surprised by how good COD was in general. I can see how it has done so well as a series. I always preferred Halo, but whatever. I may have to consider buying some version of it so we can play shoot em up in space as well as in Usbeckybeckybeckystan.