1132 Handful.


Well, we’re starting this week off with a bang. Or at least some petting. Boundaries are a thing Jessica has problems with. That said, she has to at least have sensed that Jo has certain leanings. Leanings that are like catnip to her. I’m the last person you need to explain this to. All of the stuff she’s been doing, and continues to do, are a potential recipe for hurt feelings. Sometimes there is strife. It is all part of our adventure as humans. Sometimes, however, you get your ears nibbled before strife, and you always have that to enjoy in your memories.

I think it’s also safe to say that Carol isn’t sure what to make of this dark haired strumpet, but we have seen a glimpse of her as a similar point in her life. Something to ponder maybe.

I finished Avatar this morning. My biggest problem with the series is that it didn’t run for seven seasons. It is an awesome universe that I would love to see explored even more. Hopefully Korra will do a little of that. I have to say it would be hard to pin down a favorite character. That said, Sokka probably gave me the most moments of pure comedy gold.

Pretty much every character was given believable motivations, even the bad ones. They took care to show hesitance and humanity in opposing forces. One moment that stands out is when Azula was gathering her team of hot bitches. She bullied one of them into joining. Mei was pretty amoral so she just went along with things, but she mentioned fear of Azula as a motivator at least once as well. Being brought up by the fire lord pretty much fucked his kids over hardcore. At the end I even managed to feel pity for Azula because although she was clearly a sociopath she wanted the father’s acceptance possibly even more than Zuko. She was badly broken, perhaps from the start, but it was hard to feel like it was all on her.

I was really impressed by the time spent showing the fire nation as people under a strict rule. Led astray, but not evil, just people trying to get by and being fed propaganda.

The series also made a point of showing the heroes losing, screwing up, and having to adjust quickly to problems, rather than just having everything work first try. The two fold ending structure was nice. It was a lot more satisfying than if they had just fought their way in and took down the fire nation on the first try. In my opinion anyway. After all these years of wondering what the deal was with the series I have to say it earned the love people have for it, and it has mine now too.