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I kind of wondered how long it would take before some of you started to turn on Thomas. A lot longer than I expected really. Apparently he’s still fairly likable even when he’s experiencing a character flaw. I did warn you though. There’s plenty of comics out there with smug protagonists who always win, so you have my permission to go read them when Thomas being a bitch gets to be too much for you. It’s the least I can do.

Those of you who really know how to hold a grudge understand completely. Of course he can’t “just get over it” or the story would be really fucking stupid and inaccurate not only to life, but his character. Kanly isn’t something you casually give up on…

Unfortunately you have to wait days between pages when it will seem much shorter in the archive. Such is the trial of the webcomic. Unless the webcomic updates in issues. But that’s boring. In any case he’s finally saved tonight, so he can go internalize his emotions.

Also, in panel 4 that’s a thing I saw in another comic that denotes a speaker is off camera. I liked how it looked so I though I would adopt it for situations that warrant such things. Apparently it’s a common thing in Japan. I don’t know about here, but I’m using it, and telling you what it is. Any confusion after that is on you.

In other news, I was given a Gatcha Skyward Sword Link. He’s kind of googley eyed and his sword is bent, but I think I can sort that all out. I don’t ever need to buy them again. Of course I still have a bunch of extras, including 2 more toon Links that came with SS Link… Whatever. Someone is bound to want them someday. Maybe…

Those of you who don’t follow me on any social media may have missed this summa sketch of Nina I did as a warm up. Like any proud child I wish to show it off and be praised.


Hopefully this will ease the pain of no story update. Take heart though, I’m clawing my way back to being on top of things.