1110 OH COME ON!


It was the busiest day for me in the weirdest ways today. I have to apologize for not getting a very big story update done because of it. I’ve been working at such odd hours trying to catch up and also finish my anthology pages. Which I managed to do. Although I didn’t get to make as many as I wanted so it just kind of stops. There’s just no helping it though. I am not a very good cartoonist objectively. The freedom of the net allows me to do things in ways that would never be tolerated in print comics. With no real instruction it’s just me learning like a caveman. Every so often I find a trick or tip that helps, but mostly I’m just winging it. XD

I am almost completely caught up though. So very close.

Anyway here’s my little addition to the fiction:

“I woke up a few days later in a hospital. Twig was curled up in the bed with me. They told me she went totally feral if they tried to separate us, so they just let her stay. I didn’t know it at the time, but her father and mother were with elite guard when they fell. She had already tried to contact her grandparents. Her grandmother invented those little stones she uses to talk over distance. But when she made an attempt the stone just fell to the floor. So… Since I agreed to protect her, and there was no one left to end the contract, I remain her protector.”

“That’s so sweet…” Alina cooed in a tone Julius was surprised by. “You’ve been raising her all this time?”

“It’s not like that really.” Julius said nervously. “She was already a teenager when we got thrown together. I’m only 5 years older than her. We kind of… raised each other in a way.”

“Are you two…” Alina began with a raised eyebrow.

“No! No, we’ve never been that.” Julius cut across her. “Contrary to how she acts around me she’s more like a sister. A really weird sister, but also my best friend kind of.”

“Well it’s sweet all the same. That day ruined a lot of lives. It’s always nice to hear about people who came through okay. I always wished I could have done more… Got there sooner.”

“You saved an entire city of people. That should be enough for anyone.”

Alina opened her mouth as if to offer an argument, then paused. Her face softened.

“You’re welcome, and thank you.” She said after a moment. “I’m glad you got over being amazed by me. So we can talk like regular people.”

“Oh no, I’m still in total awe of you. I’m just an incredible actor.” He grinned.

“I appreciate the effort more than you know.” She said, rising then helping Julius to his feet. “Let’s see if the others are awake. I’m getting to a point where I can’t stand being down here much longer…”