1100 Forgotten.


For the record, in honor of Amber Stone’s help with Dawn’s messed up Japanese tic, I let her give Dawn her surname.

I was interrupted the very moment I sat down to write the next story bit, so it may be shorter than I wanted, but I’m getting some out to you none the less. I hope you enjoy it.

After a few lurid moments of cuddling Julius started waggling his arms around in an attempt to shake her off, which caused a fit of giggling little else. As casually as he could Julius half dragged Twig to another pillar and leaned on it nonchalantly. In spite of the horrors they had just faced the rest of the party all grinned at the spectacle.

“So…” He began in as cool a tone as he could muster. “This is Twig. An associate of mine.”

“What kind of a name is Twig?” Wheezed Regalius.

“Mine, elf!” Twig spat back, moving behind Julius to look at Regalius.

“It’s a nickname I gave her.” Said Julius. “She… doesn’t care for her real name, and I won’t risk harm to my person by uttering it here.”

“How can someone that young shadowphase?” Regalius asked. “I’ve been studying it for years and I can barely go across a room. It’s insanely difficult.”

Julius considered this for a moment. “I don’t know actually.” He finally replied. “I can only go a little way myself, but after I showed Twig she just seemed to… get it.”

Regalius gaped. “You can do it too?”

“Yeah, not well. Not well… but I can do it a little” He replied. “Once or twice a day tops, and not very far. Twig can go… Well, I’m not exactly sure what her upper limit is. Miles for sure, and more than once a day for minutes at a time.” Twig beamed around at the group, basking in the clearly displayed awe.

“That’s amazing…” Niona gasped. “Why didn’t you bring her with you from the start?”

“Well,” Julius replied. “I hate to put her in danger, or wear her out with a bunch of questing. She’s kind of my weapon of last resort.”

“Who’s that one?” Twig asked quietly, pointing at Niona.

“Ah, sorry, yeah. That’s Niona, she’s a scholar. That’s Regalius, he’s a tone mage… and that’s… Alina Redgrave.” Julius said, pointing to each one in turn. At the revalation of Alina’s name Twig’s eyes almost tore her face in half trying to widen wider than they’d ever been before. Before Alina could even speak Twig had crossed the distance between them and was all but groveling at her feet.

Twig couldn’t seem to form words and she was nearly crying, but she managed to scrabble around in a little pouch and produce a bright stone, like the one Julius summoned her with, and press it shakily into Alina’s palm.

With that she sprinted back to Julius and buried her face in his chest again. He seemed almost as surprised as Alina.

“Uh… Twig says, should you ever need help, just speak clearly at the stone.” Julius instructed. “If it’s in her power to help she’ll defend your life to her last breath… Mistress.”