1099 Without Trying.


Well, let’s see here. What is there to tell you? I think I’ll hold off on the family drama for a while longer. You don’t really need to know it at this juncture.

I guess I can speak about the comic, although I don’t really have any intention of defending Thomas. People are not good or evil. Some people might swing naturally to one end of the spectrum or the other, but no one is purely evil or good. We are, all of us, flawed. I’ve always tried to give a sense that my cast has real flaws. Ones that I’ve encountered in my life. That said, it may be hard to see someone you like acting in a way you feel is unbecoming. It’s the same thing as a real friend doing something that makes you mad. Time and perspective will fix things.

Thomas has a very adversarial worldview. He’s also a bit of a victim, a narcissist, arrogant, cocky… But these traits are balanced out by kindness, charm, and an ability to step away from himself from time to time. Ed, Thomas, and Reggie have very similar personalities and I’m a little surprised that no one ever picks up on it. Maybe it’s because no one really wants to spend time dissecting this stuff. XD Anyway, with Reggie the narcissism is turned up a bit. He’s less self aware. He doesn’t think as much before he does things. Edward is similar, but is less arrogant. He is probably the most mature of the three if he could just get over being so angry. He actually achieved a significant level of responsibility in a very short time in spite of his temper. He overcame himself. In one way or another all the characters are essentially struggling to do that, in addition to the outside trials they have to face. Anyway, subtle differences make 3 very different seeming personalities.

I’m not going to be able to write a new story section tonight, but I will try to make the next one worthwhile.