1097 Sameface.


In one version of this Constance references a different name, but I decided to just go ahead and use Julius Drywood. It’s a little more telling for those of you who actually read the blogs, but that is your special present for being such devoted fans. I think people who don’t read the blogs will be able to infer that Thomas came up with that name which she thinks is inferior.

Anyway I don’t have anything else I want to report on particularly. Still playing Animal crossing at strange times. My store is open 24 hours now so I don’t have to keep to a schedule if I want to sell stuff. Feel free to leave your friend code. Mine is on my twitter profile and a few blogs back.

Story time.

Alina was wiping sections of their attackers away with every arc of her mace but the ones who weren’t disabled simply rose again and resumed their charge. The pillars were making it hard to get enough room to close ranks. Both Niona and Alina required a fair bit of space to fight effectively and the skeletal warriors seemed bent on filling in where they moved apart. Julius began deftly weaving through the crowd, attempting to rejoin the group for a proper defense. After a few close calls he was close enough to Regalius to keep him covered. Without needing to be told Regalius began to play again. The tune somehow reminded Julius of the mountains. It was resonating through him somehow. He didn’t feel as tired or afraid now. As another atack came he parried it effortlessly and the boney arm holding the offending weapon shattered when their blades touched. He chanced a look around and saw Niona’s spear gliding through skeletons as easily as it might move through air. A cloud of splintered bone erupted in front of her and empty armor clattered to the floor. The tide had turned.

“We need to move that way!” he called out, motioning in the direction Alina was fighting. Her blows were so destructive now the pillars near her were shaking and beginning to crack. The bands the cast the eerie glow appeared to be oozing whatever it was that caused their illumination. Then, suddenly, Alina lost her footing. Her swing went wild and she struck a pillar full on. It exploded like a pile of sand. The force of the error caused Alina to be blown from the point of impact as well as throwing Regalius into Julius. Niona rushed over to help them up. As soon as Julius found his feet he sprinted towards Alina’s crumpled form, hoping the undead were as confounded my the situation as they were. He nearly pitched onto the floor too as his boot slid on a greasy spot. A trap of some sort? If so it had been effective. He tried to gather her weapon, but it was beyond his strength to lift it. How the Hell could she swing this thing!? With no time to deal with that he scooped up Alina and rushed back to the others to regroup. As he moved he noticed the scent of decay coming from someplace. It was out of place in this dusty chamber, wet and festering rather than dry and gritty.

“Did we win?” Asked Alina, looking up at him.

“It’s a work in progress.” he replied, relieved that she wasn’t unconscious. “Can you stand?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” She said, shaking off her stupor. “Where’s my mace?” Julius grimaced and pointed at the wall of enemies closing in behind them. “Fantastinc…” She drolled.

Niona and Regalius were sorted, but his fiddle had been destroyed in the fall. He was whistling the tune from before while rummaging around in his pack. Niona seemed to be the only one benefiting from it, but it was enough to keep the hoard in front of her at bay.

“I need that mace.” Alina said to no one in particualr.

“Well, we have to go through them to get it” Julius replied. She looked around as he offered her one of his daggers. Pushing it aside she selected a chunk of pillar, or ceiling, said a prayer he couldn’t make out, and threw it with such force it passed through several bewildered skeletons who fell to pieces.

“Come on then.” She replied, hefting another stone.

The group began working it’s way back to the shattered pillar’s base. It was only a few feet, but the enemies seemed to have redoubled their efforts. It also seemed to be getting brighter. As they closed the space between Alina and her weapon Julius understood why. The glowing substance was oozing out of the mangled structure in spurts. It was rhythmic, like watching something bleed. A glowing pool was spreading out across the floor. Somehow they all knew it would be very bad to touch it.

Alina barely managed to gather her mace before it was overtaken by the expanding puddle.

“We need to get away from that.” She said urgently.

Julius made to follow her but stopped when Niona and Regalius didn’t follow. His gaze fell on Alina as she too saw whatever it was they were seeing. The color drained from her face and tears began to form in the corners of her eyes. He followed her line of sight. As the greenish light spread further around he saw 3 people standing, lit from below, as the ooze reached them.

They now knew the fate of first party.