1085 He And Me.


For those of you who don’t pay attention to stuff, if you scroll to the bottom of the site you can see the full version of the Questionable Content guest comic I did.

The adventures of Julius Drywood continue;

Julius was at a loss. The expression wasn’t one of seduction. She looked as if wadding herself up against whatever person was warmest was completely natural and not an invitation to amorous activity. At length he posed a question.

“Why aren’t you keeping watch?” Niona motioned her head backwards. He followed the movement across the imaginary line and saw a tree standing where none had been before.

“She must have spent your whole watch wandering down here.” Niona explained. “I figured she would be more than enough protection, so I went to bed again.”

Her logic was sound. Most animals had sense enough to give dryads, and indeed most treefolk, their personal space. Which is why it wasn’t uncommon for the very rich to keep them as guards. That was also why Julius was familiar enough with them to know they were basically harmless unless stirred up. Much like with a dog you could get past them with the appropriate treat. This trusting nature was probably part of why there weren’t a lot of them left.

Dew Beam was swaying gently in the moring sun. Apparently oblivious of their awkward situation. Julius turned his attention back to Niona.

“Is is time to get up? She asked.

“Uh… I suppose it is.” He said after a brief pause.

With that she spryly hopped to her feet, whipped the blankets around, separated them, and flung his gracefully back upon him. He blanket wrapped around her like a fluffy cape leaving her exquisite form disappointingly obscured. She retrieved a moist towel from a device that Julius guessed somehow collected dew and began sponging herself down here and there.

“I’d kill for a shower.” She mused. On this point they were in agreement. The filth was one of his least favorite parts of this adventurous lifestyle. He gazed longingly at the little cloth as she rubbed it vigorously up and down her leg. Niona wasn’t sure if it was the cloth he was staring at or not. Just as a test she held it away from herself for a few moments, casually, while pretending not to be following his eyes, which followed its movements. It was actually a little disheartening. He hadn’t attempted to make a move on her, and now he was looking at her washcloth rather than her glistening leg, which she knew was really quite fantastic. “Do you want a go?” She said, wiggling the little towel at him. Julius nodded vigorously.

Niona dipped it in its little reservoir and wrung it out a little. Then she whipped it at him with a degree of speed and accuracy he was not at all prepared for. As it impacted upon his face with a stinging, wet, slap he couldn’t help but notice that the little washcloth smelled of Niona dipped in strawberries.