1037 Sassacre.


This is such a goofy exchange.

I took your guy’s suggestions to the website people. I guess they’re gonna do a test thingy. Maybe they’ll make it so I can show you all and you can have some input.

A friend of mine gave me the audiobook of Harry Potter one. It’s the British Stephen Fry version that you can’t get over here at all. Or at least not through any online store I’ve looked at. In any case, I had forgotten how much more there is to the story. The movie versions have crowded out the older books in favor of their faster storytelling style. Also the actors have replaced a lot of my headcanon images of the cast. I had forgotten that McGonnagal was young enough to have black hair in the book, and Ron was tall and gangly from the start. There’s also the matter of how many coincidences seem planned if you already know what’s going to happen a few books later. Anyway, it’s nice to be back at Hogwarts.

I’m not much of a reader anymore. When I was much younger I read a lot, but over time less and less. It’s very hard to set aside time for just sitting and looking at words. My mind constantly pesters me to do something else. I read a lot of paranormal books when I was in gradeschool, in middle school it was mostly haunted mysteries, like The House With A Clock In Its walls. I also read Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit around then. In high school early on I read fantasy books, but by then I was getting out of it and focusing on being moody and having an elaborate series of mental breakdowns. My attentions as far as reading was concerned shifted to comic books, and Magic The Gathering cards. After that it was basically now and I just read comics, except for a short time when a girl I dated read a stack of Discworld books, wich I also read. If I pick up a book now it’s almost always trivia or strange facts. I read them in tiny sections then recite the passages, distorted by my memory, to my father and mother at our Saturday dinners.

Harry Potter was the last series of books I was devoted to, apart from comics. I once made the mistake of trying to read something by David Foster Wallace. I got a book of his short essays, which were fine, and entertaining, but then I tried to read Infinite Jest. It’s a critically well regarded book, but I am convinced this is only because the people reading it for awards didn’t understand what they were seeing. Not wanting to look foolish in front of other literary critics they all said they liked it so no one would ask further questions. I barely scratched the surface of the tome.

It is possible that the fault lies with me and the book rightly earned its accolades. I have my doubts. My memory of the style is vague. I seem to recal thinking that it sounded like a student trying to fill a word quota while not actually having researched the topic. It did not remind me of other works of his. I wonder sometimes if I should try again. Maybe if someone read it to me…

I really should just invest in audiobooks so I can draw at the same time. I’m always looking for content to fill the silence anyway.