1006 Peter Principle.


Traditionally, holiday weeks are bad for webcomics. Not particularly bad, I just meant that people have better things to do generally. So the numbers drop a little, which makes creators sad. This is just something you have to accept. It’s all peaks and valleys. Comics tend to get read when things are boring, or bleak. They are a little bright spot in an otherwise mundane day. Sometimes people have bigger fish to fry. I hope you are with people you love and are just stopping by because these players are also counted in that number. And if you find yourself alone, looking for something to aleviate the hurt, I welcome you to stay as long as you like. This work was created by someone who knows what alone is like. If you don’t have any real friends handy these imaginary ones might do in a pinch. :)

I hope you had a happy holiday if you celebrate it, and if not I hope you had a happy Thursday.