1005 Chicanery.


People don’t bandy about the word chicanery much anymore. I always kind of liked it, and also what it is. To a degree anyway.

I have had the worst allergies recently. It makes my eyes feel like they arent in my head right. Nothing I try helps. I think I just have to wait till it shows and puts the dust down better. I’m like O_O all the time.

I think the Nintendo club should have Pokemon Trainer badges available to get with nintendo points. This is just a random thought I had.

I was looking at the Wii U the other day. I have mixed feelings about it. Nintendo… is releasing fewer and fewer games worth owning per system it seems like. You also cant count on having good 3rd party stuff now too. Plus there’s the Xbox trophies to think about. Against all odds having the thing give me a meanigless trophy after doing some mundane in game task has become a little bit important to me. If only to extend the life of a game by giving me arbitrary challenges to do. I feel worried that the Wii U is not going to give me the gaming experiences that I want. At this point I want a new Mario Kart, which seems like a long shot. A mario golf with rpg elements that I can play on the wii u and on the DS through some kind of transfer feature. A Pokemon I can play on the go or on the TV. A really good RPG like they used to have back in the day. Maybe a mario one that isn’t paper mario, or even Starfox, or whatever. Anything as long as it’s good. Obviously I want a new Zelda, ecxept I havent even play the last one because Nintendo never lowers their fucking prices…

Anyway, I have concerns and the Wii U is a pretty big investment. It’s not like it used to be where I could have ALL the systems. I have never even played a PS3. Things have to be taken in to account. My other obsesions make it so. The PS3 just lost out with its problems and lack of games I wanted. It’s not that I wouldn’t get one if money was no object. I made my choices. Now I’m wondering if Nintendo is walking along that edge. Xbox has taken care of a lot of my gaming needs. Nintendo still owns the handheld market for me, so they have a sold hold there, but have they lost the console war?