991 Whatevs.


As you regulars will no doubt be aware, my internet service is terrible. Pretty much everything in my life to do with the internet is crap, from the servers that host the comic and right on down the line. This has caused me to not add anything new to my reading list, or media folders, in a long time. If the site requires even the basest amount of bandwidth I can’t experience it fast enough to tolerate it. In fact, if I were not me, but had the same service for the net, I wouln’t read my own comic. That said, I got a rare good night yesterday and decided to start reading Homestuck in earnest. Prior to this I’d never gotten more than a few pages in because it just wouldn’t load fast enough, but I took advantage of this brief window and read the first section. I had a couple of people try to explain the whole thing to me, so I had a general grasp of the plot, but the journey is really hard to describe clearly. Having experienced it properly it makes a lot more sense.

In some ways it reminded me of playing Earthbound for the SNES. It has moments of self awareness that are so silimar to games of that time. Games like that were unique even then, so not as many people are aware of them now, but I feel like young readers of Homestuck would enjoy the Mother series based on this similarity. Nintendo should market some kind of remake special version of the series or something and mention that stuff. (How do I always wrap this junk back around to Nintendo…?)

Anyway, there’s no telling how long it will be before I get to read more of it. I only stopped where I did because it was a good point to remember for later. If I had a free day coming up I would have just gone as long as I could have until the net gave out. I haven’t even properly seen the whole main cast yet apparently. So I still only know the girl who wears the shirt Jessica’s is based on from fanart. XD

At this point Homestuck doesn’t need any more fans, so you can take it or leave it, but I intend to take it. Eventually.