984 Lay It On Me.


This story got told to me second hand, so the details might be a bit off. Not that it really matters so long as the point of the story remains intact… ANYWAY.

My uncle has random people to his place most nights, and they, in turn, bring further random people. A while back a soldier he didn’t know, just back from the war, came over. At some point he started talking about a comic he read on the internet about these people who worked in a store. So my uncle says he thinks he knows the guy who draws it, and the soldier doesn’t think that’s possible “because he’s a famous guy”. So my uncle goes and gets his copy of my first book and’s like “Is it this?” And it was. XD So he was the star of the show for a while for being my relation. Or so I am told. Crazy huh?

If you’re reading this, mister soldier, thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Please say hello to my family for me if you see them again. XD

I have to be up at a weird time tomorrow. Which means I’ll probably just nap a while on the floor, under my desk, and then stay up till I have to go. I used to always fight it when I got sleepy durring the day, but now I sleep whenever I feel like it. Assuming I’m not working, or whatever. I could never do that as a kid. I find now that sleeping when you are sleepy seems to make me capable of adapting to situations much more easily. Having to go places at weird times doesn’t ruin my whole day the way it used to. I’m not sure if it would work for everybody, but it seems like if your body tells you it’s sleepy it must know what it’s talking about. That logic is kind of flawed though, because if you’re addicted to crack your body will tell you it wants more crack, even though it is bad. So, I guess listen to your body when it seems like it’s being reasonable. If it wants crack you might want to countermand that request.