980 We Got Trouble.


Well, at the moment the websites are in kind of a state. They are randomly malfunctioning, and the redirect isn’t on. The result of this is that the content exists in two, now branching states. Much like in Back To The Future when Marty creates two different 1985s with his actions in the past… I’m aware of these two dimensions now, so I will update both pages and you can choose to use whatever one suits you. I apalogize for how massively annoying this is after I made such a point to get you all using the .net.

You know what I found out the other day? Those blind bag ponies I like, in Europe they’ve released a whole bunch more than over here. I was like >:| . They’re really good ones too. I mean, compared to the sparkle ones. Like, there are ones of other real from the show characters, not just random repaints and stuff. Not that I have a problem with repaints, as evidenced by a stack of various Decepticon seekers… Such is Hasbro’s way. Maybe some of them will make it over here. I dunno. It’s not like it’s super important or anything.

They’ve been advertising the Doctor Who building sets on TV with the show. The thing is, the website they list is a dealer website for buying them, like, for a store. Then that site has a list of places that carry the stuff. Which are all far from me, and really… I dunno, 2nd tier. Hastings and places like that. Ones that mark their stuff WAY up. What I should do is just see if anyone is selling a Rory second hand. I don’t want a bunch of versions of him. Just one to go with my Amy. I’ve got those centurions, but they don’t look like him and I think she can tell… X3