965 I Always Keep One In The Chamber.


For the record, even though the Vigilion, or whatever the gun is called that the red ones in the comic are loosely based on, can hold up to 7 shots if you know what you’re doing, for the purpose of cinematic clarity I had them both load 6. Six shots is the movie standard for shots in a gunfight. Of course 9 should probably be the new standard, but most people default to six in their heads. The gun in question only comes with 5 discs, so I assumed that 5 ws the maximum number of shots it could hold. The refil packs also come in sets of 5. I didn’t realize it could hold more until much later on when I was just screwing around trying to see if adding more discs would jam it. In the context of the comic Nina and Reggie both probably loaded 6 on accident since they got their guns preloaded by either Thomas, or Mike. Making 6 the default standard in their minds rather than 5. It is also possible that Reggie realized that they could hold 6, but didn’t think to load one into the chamber. Although it’s possible that if he had realized this he might have done it to gain an unfair advantage. Of course he’s also shown a certain nobility when it comes to some things, so he might just as well have realized he could have 7 shots, but not loaded that many because he knew it would be unfair. While he might do something like that to Ed, or even any other member of the cast really, he’s unlikely to cheat against Nina because he has feelings for her. This is all speculation, of course.