942 Yield.


This page was almost two pages, the second one being an extra page posted tomorrow. I decided that it didn’t really need to be split up, because most of the other page would have been Nina Greedoing Jo. The last two panels work well enough, and you don’t have to wait for your resolution. In the cartoon version of this though, Nina shoots first, so to speak. XD

The last two days i have been so itchy. I think I put too little, or too much, blue stuff in my laundry water. I’m very devil may care with laundry. I don’t know why I do the things I do. I just saw my mother do them and I ape the actions like an… ape. These itchy time are the dire consequenses. It’s almost as bad as being in a room with a moose.

There have been a lot of spiders around the house since it got super hot. And by a lot I mean 5 or 6. There have also been some harvestmen, which I always thought were daddy long legs, but it turns out that is a mistake. They are also harmless to people and eat stuff I don’t like, so I leave them to their dark harvests. Apparently a daddy long legs is different depending on where in the world you are. In America it’s a kind of spider that is also harmless to humans. I found all of this out because I was trying to identify what sorts of spiders might be in the house. I saw a new kins and thouhgt it might be a brown recluse. turns out it was some common kind of spider that’s not fatal to people. Although that knowledge doesn’t make me want to get bitten by it any more. I know there are widows in the garage, but they’ve never come to the house. which is fine by me. they can live out there all they like. I rarely go there anyway. The house spiders are free to do what they like so long as they stay hidden. That’s my only rule. If they come out far enough that I can hit them they are in danger. if they run away I don’t chase. If they advance then it is on. Some of them get weirdly agressive when they are spotted. I don’t want that trait getting into the next generation. I like my spiders propperly scared of me.

One of the baby swallows fell out of the nest apparently. I thought maybe it had done it on purpose, so I let it be. It was gone later on when I went to see how it was. So I was hoping it flew off, or whatever it is they do. Today i found it dead, or maybe it was one of the other ones. In any case the nest still has several in it. I suspect fowl play. That’s a thing birds do I understand. Maybe that’s how it got that name. Anyway, it was sad. if I had known it was not out on purpose I might have tried to raise it. Then we could have had adventures as J.T. & Sparrow: detectives to the stars!

Alas, it was not to be.