937 Might Be.


I’m loading this page early because it looks like there’s gonna be storms. So if this is the only writing that appears under the page that means that the storms knocked out the internet, or worse.

I spent a little while today trying to get an Atari 2600 working. The casing is in pretty good shape. I think it’s one of the later versions that had more compact insides. As far as I can tell it’s in working order… but I can’t get any television to work with it. I’m not 100% sure the power supply is okay. Unlike everything they make now there’s no light on it to let you know it’s having power supplied to it. I don’t hear the sound of power though. Usually when I turn on any electrical device larger than, say, an iPod, I can hear a high pitched sound comming out of it. Either the Atari is too small to do that, it doesn’t make that noise, or it’s not getting power. I have no intention of keeping the thing. I just want to get it working so I can sell it. Of course it’s probably worth less than $30 at best, so sinking time into it is a losing deal. I just happen to have a big sack of games for it and I’d like to know if they work before I try to sell them. There’s Adventures Of Tron, Donkey Kong Jr, and Warlords that I can remember off the top of my head. The cartriges are filthy, and a few have no outer markings anymore, so I have no idea what they are. I’m not sure I could identify many of them even if I could play them. Old Atari games are basically all “One grouping colored squares harasses another grouping of colored squares in an ill defined way”. Anyway, if I can’t get it working to a point where I can check things out I’m just going to sell it as is, and whoever bites will have to try their luck at it. I suspect all the catriges will work if they are cleaned. Cartrige games are pretty hard to fuck up. You have to really want it. That was always the best thing about Nintendo paks. At worst all you needed to fix one was a fine grain sandpaper, usually some water and a q-tip would be enough to get one working.

Whoever had this stuff last didn’t take care of it. The controllers are a mess. Those are fairly easy to replace though. The cartriges are absolutely filthy. I don’t know how these were stored, but they have dust on the insides. Really fine dust. There’s not a lot I can do about that. Hopefully it’s not something that will hinder them from functioning. It would bug me knowing that it was in there if it were me though. Provided you dry them fast enough a person can just dunk a game pack for a few moments without doing any real harm. Most of the inside bits are metals that water won’t do much to. Still, you want to get them dry as fast as you can. A hot sunny day with low humidity is perfect for that sort of activity. I hate to try it with these because the stickers on many of them are only held on by a few atoms of craked paste. I don’t think they would survive the ordeal.

It’s kind of a shame that I can’t get the thing running. I’d like to fire up Warlords. It’s about the only game I saw in the bag that’s still fun. I’m not much for really old games. They were tedious even when that was all there was… but that was all there was. Food Fight, Warlords, and Yar’s Revenge are the only ones I can think of that I can still tolerate to play anymore, and Yar’s Revenge is pushing the limits of my patience. If it looked as cool as the box art made it seem THEN I might be able to play it some more. XD An armored bug warrior is pretty cool. They should update that concept and actually make it like the instuction booklet made it out to be like.

The Atari was always kind of a sad reflection of how the games looked in the arcades. I always remember them looking better at a convenient store. Up until the home systems actually started matching the arcade ones. Which led to the death of the arcade over time. I don’t really have any tears to shed over the death of the arcade. Generally they sucked, and were run by people who likewise sucked. At least in my experience. Better to spend all your quaters at once and then have all the games you like as long as you like.