930 Mass Effect.


I have, via various methods, obtained all but one Skylander. I haven’t had time enought to play the game in a while, yet my obsessive quest continues. I could have got the final figure in a 3 pack, but, for whatever reason, I drew the line at buying doubles of 2 figures. I think mostly because I know how long it takes me to actually go to ebay and sell something.

Ebay, since its inception, has been a tedious place. The system itself is not so bad but, as is often the case, the people are what makes ebay a tad insufferable. There are still people who stick the word LOOK in the title of their sale. It was a bullshit move in 1994 and it remains one to this day. Just tell me what the fucking thing is that you are selling. Don’t get cute about it… Also, if there are 300 listings for the product you are selling, there is a chance it isn’t RARE. It’s ridiculous how irritated that shit makes me.

Anyway, when I say I lack one Skylander I seriously mean one. I even found all the legendaries without having to pay the after market mark up. I have every thing a person can have for the game, save for truly rare oddities. Like the preorder bonus from Best Buy, or whatever it is, and the various crystal, flocked, or sugar coated versions of certain charaters. Spyro and Legendary Spyro are the only truly redundant characters. In the 3DS version of the game Dark Spyro actually plays differently, so he feels like a different character. I appreciate this. It was a nice touch. I’m not sure if he’s actually different in the console version. I haven’t played it with him enough to know.

In any case, the toy I lack is Camo. I suspect I’ll run across him eventually. The stores around here are saturated with earier waves at the moment, so it may take some time for the last ones to appear. Of course I may find it online before then. As sad as the service and prices at Toys R Us are they have been good about getting in all the figures eventually.

In spite of how much that farce has been dominating my activities what I’m really excited about is Pokemon Conquest. Followed closely by the GOTY Batman Arkham City, which was at the store today, but I did not purchase it. I’m going to have to pick that one up new, because I’m not tracking down the DLC seperately. Not after the Mass Effect 2 debacle.

Speaking of Mass Effect… I still haven’t played 3, but I’ve managed to remain unspoiled somehow. I keep expecting people to just randomly blurt out shit like GARRUS DIES! Of course some of that stuff may not happen in all playthroughs, so even then if people talk about the game it’s sometimes like they didn’t even play the same one. I think that’s neat.

I also still haven’t seen The Avengers, but it won’t even show up here till the first. No spoilers there either, apart from the stuff in the commercials, which is bad enough.