912 That Makes You The Bread.


Sorry about not having this posted on time. I thought it was Monday twice in a row this week. Also I found out that Pottermore is up and going, so I had to get my Potter on, but my connection still is kind of shit, so it was hard to ge the whole thing working. Anyway, here’s the page, and if any of you guys are on Pottermore feel free to be my friend. I don’t know exactly how that works, but my username is Silverpotion24405. It should come as no surprise that I was sorted in to Ravenclaw… My house is firmly in 3rd place, must like I am in real life.

Oh, I managed to get LibreOffice downloaded and it was able to understand my old files just fine. So problem solved. I also get along with the UI, which is a bonus.

I also added some new comics to my links page.

There’s also a new Harry Potter alternate universe drawing under the page in case you hadn’t noticed.