881 I Heard You Liek Movies.


I was given Tactics Ogre for the PSP and have spent some time playing it but, as with all games of its type, I came to a point where my characters seemed broken and unable to advance. What happens is that I just charge forward buying skills and abilities, not focusing on a set advancement path for anyone, and end up with a team full of people who aren’t good at anything. I don’t start out understanding each class so I always end up playing one of these fuck up games, which essentially teaches me the mechanics of things. I do this with most games that give you choices about how to level your team. The upshot, if you choose to see it that way, is extending the playtime of any given title.

I’ve come to a point where I accept this flaw in my character. Which is why I played 40 some odd hours of this game doing just as I pleased. Now I’m starting over so I can actually win a battle without it taking all eternity. Some of these fights have gone on so long that I’ve actually fallen asleep while playing. I love these tactical RPGs though. They remind me of playing with action figures. All games do on some level, but these in particular.

This time I’m all about using my wizards better. I really didn’t get that whole thing when I started out. Now I see that specializing is key. I’ve also seen what sorts of spells I like, so I can spend carefully. This time things are gonna be different.

I’ve also been playing Mario Kart 7 in the between times. Every course has a 2 star rank, and most of them have 3, but I’m having problems with the mirror tracks. The kart customization has caused me to jump around from one setup to another rather randomly. Which is fine. I’m having a good time, but it is slowing my star gathering. Honestly the customizing it one of the best parts of the game. You can have a huge range of experiences with all the choices available.

I finished that Back To The Future game too. It was cool. Made me want to watch the movies again… and play a sequel. XD