857 M O O N That Spells Moon.


I really hope it’s obvious enough that this takes place after they get back from getting food. I never am sure about sticking a little “later on” box at the start of a page…

What do you guys think? I have to fix a typo anyway.

I was teasing a lady I know on FA today about something and it started me to thinking about how teachers affect us as we’re growing up. She’s going to be a teacher of younger kids, and she’s pretty, so for at least a few of them she’ll probably end up being the hot teacher they remember from school. Well, depending on the age range. Although even as very young kids we start getting an idea of what we like even if it isn’t sexual.

Are any of you guys teachers? Do you ever think about that you could be THAT teacher to some kid? I’m sure all of you who aren’t teachers can remember the teacher you were hot for. Most dudes have at least one, but girls must have them too, right. i’d actually be more interested in that since girls are an alien mindset on some level.

Anyway, just a thought.