854 Slower.


The first version of this page basically ended on the “true enough” line.  Which I didn’t feel like was enough.  So it became a mish mosh of this page and the next.  Then I didn’t like that.  Then it was a combination of the next few pages.  Then they were all seperated out and I took another look at the whole thing.  The result will be as you see it, beginning with Carol given a moment to drink in the object of her affection, and also assert her dominance a little. 

It’s difficult trying to extrapolate what sorts of things a girl will find visually appealing since I’m not one.  Mostly I have to cobble together an idea based on my years around them.  On some level I know what all the characters find attractive, but my experience will ever be one sided. 

People rarely comment on the guys.  I’m always surprised when someone expresses attraction to them.  Men are pretty blatant about what they want and like.  Often crudely so.  It’s not hard to understand what they are responding to.  They tell you.  Girls do it much less.  (Strangely, I have found that gay men remain pretty blatant about what they like, generally speaking, whereas lesbians are more blatant, but still less so then gay men.  Sexuality is complex.)  One girl I know wants Mike and Jolene to get together, and is not shy about it.  She is absolutely an exception to almost every “rule” I know about women.  I find her opinion comforting in so far as they give me hope, since I am not attractive by normal standards. 

Women are much better at understanding what is sexy for both genders.  For whatever reason they can step outside themselves and see it.  A straight man who can do that is rare.  It is not a power I posses.  When I do it it’s just an educated guess.  Girls tend to be less fixated on particular traits.  Although I know men who aren’t fixated on anything obvious and women who are.  They are the exception though.  Nothing is hard and fast about any of this though.  There are outliers in all things.  Which is, of course, the problem with averages. 

The long and shor of all of this is that I don’t know what the average attractive man looks like.  I find with myself that whoever I am in love with becomes what I find attractive, so maybe it will all sort itself out in the end with Carol and Thomas too.